Private Commissions

I would be excited to create something special for you!
How Magic Happens:

One of the things I learned in the last decade of service and commissioned work is that a successful project or piece always starts with everyone on the same page. Since I have several various kinds of creations, different questions need to be asked. To assist us in starting our project(s) as a custom order, I created particular Private Commission Inquiry Forms. Whether you have a few ideas or many ideas, these will help catch them in one net and give us both a copy.

Once we gather the necessary information to start our new project together, I could be working on your piece on the same day you submit it. I always respond as soon as possible and will contact you within 1-3 business days at most. There is no obligation and you’ll receive a Free Project Proposal which includes sketches, options to consider and any estimates.

Simply choose what category your piece fits into and fill out the form about your ideas.


Private Commission (Custom Order) Inquiry Forms:

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Updated 3/17/23

To be fair and nice to all the creators out there, I really try to have original designs. I am often asked if I can recreate another artist\’s designs and must decline such invitations. Anything too close to the reproduction of another\’s piece cannot in good conscience be replicated. So if you really like that piece, it may be best to locate the artist and commission one from their original hand. If you are interested in \”my take\” on something inspired by another artwork or style, myth, place, color, time, genre, world, etc., then I would be honored if you would contact me to bring your unique piece to life.

Once I have a general idea of your project and deadlines, I can give you a \”Free Project Proposal\” which includes sketches, options to consider and an estimate.

For the investment of time in designing your custom piece, typically a 20% or $25 (whichever is greater) non-refundable down payment is required to begin actual creation of your piece, with the remaining balance due upon completion and before shipping.
I\’ll post a custom order request ad specifically for you in my Etsy store or send a Paypal invoice if you prefer. After you make that down payment, I\’ll get to work and check-in with you throughout the process.

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis, but no artwork can be delivered before final payments are made. I can create the plan through my Etsy store and you will receive Paypal invoices at the agreed-upon schedule. If you are interested in creating a payment plan, simply mention that and I\’ll offer several options suitable for your budget.

If you decide to cancel the order at any time, you release any ownership to the piece, which will be finished as and when the artist deems and will be placed for sale to the general public at the predetermined price or greater.

GUARANTEE of CRAFTSMANSHIP and REPAIR SERVICES: I guarantee all my pieces to stay together during normal wear. For those who like to test their limits, I offer repair services for reasonable rates if your piece gets damaged and of course, if anything is found to be defective, then cost would be waived. Shipping costs to and from me would be at the buyer’s expense unless the artist agrees to absorb shipping fees; to be determined on a case by case basis.

Cheers! Your Artist,

Jennifer Todd 

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