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For particular interest in commissioned pieces, residencies, or in artwork available for exposition or aquisition, please contact me directly at

Artist Statement:
“Each of my pieces begin with an idea that I fall in love with. I hope the end result will echo the sentiment of the beauty or challenge that captured my attention and become another’s elixer for their own creativity. Whether I am spinning things into my own unconventional hues or forms with the wildest abandon of abstraction or surrealism, or challenging myself with the discipline of realism, I use everything I have and have learned to bring forth a dynamic breathing set of imagery that transforms possibilities of thought in your space.” -Jenn Todd, 12/2022

Biography:  Jennifer Elizabeth Todd is a lifelong artist who has absorbed formal artistic higher educational experiences at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Her experimentational drive has led to an eclectic compilation of work including: visual works such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, collage, broom making, costume and mask making; and literary works such as short stories, poetry, and prayers. Jennifer also has over a decade of experience as a public speaker (practiced in inclusive and non-violent communication), as a non-denominational ceremonial coordinator, and a small group leader and coordinator for children, adults, and incarcerated peoples. Currently, a small home enthusiast living with her animal companions in her home state of Wisconsin, in the United States of America.