Odd Dogged Artist Introduction

I knew I was an artist in the first days of school. I was very shy and was even thought to have difficulties being present when in fact, I was distracted by a huge easel and a pad of paper on it. I kept thinking “I did not know they made paper That big!” All I wanted was to be standing before it; crayon in hand. Forty odd years later, mostly I am targeting fellow creatives or want to be creatives in hopes to help a few find the incomparable fulfillment from the act of bringing a vision from nothingness to something-ness. I believe everyone wins when we encourage others to follow their passion and I want to share how to not let ANYTHING or anyone stop you. (especially yourself; you know who I am talking about.)

Called practical by some, I love to find ways to cut to the core of things. I believe that most of us have everything we need to create incredible pieces if we know how to see what is available and possible.  

I believe in not being prevented by superficial “need lists” that can kill time, resources, creativity and opportunity. Marketing often has us creatives tethered to the idea that we must buy this or that to get the project done. Though most exciting, it usually is just a ploy to cleave your (obvious gobs of?) cash from your account. Sure you need materials and instruction is beyond measure, but – and here is the big idea shared with me…What if you already have EVERYTHING you need already? Well, then, you just get to work. You can dive right in. No more excuses. Just joy, progress, and freedom to do it as often as you can.

That being said, if you have interest, I invite you to subscribe to get updates as they post directly to your inbox. I welcome your comments or questions should you wish. One of the ways that I support myself is through teaching and the pandemic has us all reinventing how we make ends meet. Please understand that some of my content will be considered premium content for paid subscribers in that diversified effort to continue meeting those ends. I hope those that have the means will subscribe and those that are financially challenged will still find visiting worth their while. I give my weightiest word that I will work to bring you my best creative sustenance either way. Thanks for spending time on Jenn Todd’s Odd Dogged Artist Blog.

And if you have topics you’d enjoy hearing more about that you think I could share a little bit about, please do get in touch. Enjoy today, you too are enough.

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