Start Seeing Like an Artist (Beginner Drawing Tips)

Photo by cottonbro on

Before you even begin to make a mark on paper or canvas, you have to start seeing as an artist.  Completely forget what it is.  Look for shapes. The shape of the object AND the negative shape- or the shape of the spaces around it.  People often say things like, oh I can’t draw hands or faces, or animals. The key here is to remove from your mind what you think about them. Forget they are hands; they are just a conglomeration of dark and light shapes in a pattern. Draw the pattern. Objectify it.   Whatever you are looking at is filled with light and shadow.  Forget the color for now.  Look for the darkest dark. Look for the lightest light.  Squint, fuzz up your vision to see it. Notice the basic shapes- again, fuzz your visual field.  (I will take off my glasses to do this naturally.)  Draw what you see. And it will appear with practice. It takes honest observation and connecting your hand to eye. (see post on connecting hand and eye exercises) You can practice seeing like an artist all the time.  It helps everything become a source of inspiration. You can draw anything. 

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